Stunning Debut from London Based Singer: Lizzie Stanley

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Rarely does a debut sound rich, full, and full of introspection in a relatable package. Lizzie Stanley‘s debut “The Singer’s Refrain” is beautifully produced, tinged with violins, lilting piano, guitar, and deeply subtle percussion married with Lizzie’s smokey voice and relatable lyrics makes for an easy listen. “The Singer’s Refrain” definitely falls into the contemporary christian music (CCM) genre, with a strong Adult Contemporary vibe. At times jazzy, delving into the singer/songwriter area, this is a strong debut.

This short eight song album keeps a moderate to slow pace throughout, but does not fail in emotive delivery. I feel that Lizzie believes what she’s singing and writing in each song. There’s a strong classic Christian undertone and theme that runs through each song, beginning with ‘The Singer’s Refrain,’ moving through to ‘Everything Has to Change.’

You should definitely download “The Singer’s Refrain” and include this in your library, it’s luscious in delivery, and well thought out, plus Lizzie’s lilting vocals are a soothing addition to the ears. If you are a fan of Brooke Fraser, Laura Marling, or Joni Mitchell, you will find this brilliant!

Lizzie Stanley is based in Croydon, London, UK.

Track highlights: ‘Blanket Jazz,’ ‘Prince Charming,’Everything Has to Change’

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