Deep Calls Naima Deeper into Worship with New Project

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It is difficult to believe that Naima was told that she couldn’t sing. Compelling, rich, powerful, tender, steeped in conviction, these are just a few words to begin to describe the character of her voice and they don’t even begin to fully encompass the passion and beauty of everything that Naima has to offer in her third recording The Deeper Project. Not only is Naima an accomplished singer, she is a skilled songwriter with a deep understanding of scripture and a relationship with God that shines through every track.

I came across Naima of Broken Box Ministries on The only song available for listening or download from The Deeper Project is the atmospheric ‘Linger.’ This intimate song describes the intimacy of being satisfied with a relationship with God. Naima expertly delivers a tenderness mixed with depth and weight that never waivers or strays into over singing, but gives a solid foundation for this EP. After listening, I promptly found The Deeper Project on CD Baby and delved into the entire project.

What makes this project exciting is the songwriting, the underlying production, the voice, and of course the beauty of the message. While it’s easy to listen to, as an audiophile, I did find some production issues, however, the quality of the content overshadows the minor imperfections in production. The casual listener may not find them distracting or noticeable. Even though there are imperfections, this is something I will listen to over and over again because the composition, the performance, and ultimately what makes a record worth listening to is overflowing.

Each song is dedicated to focusing on strengthening a praise and worship relationship with God. Each of these are intimate and would work well as a special in church. (They still do those don’t they? I can’t remember the last time I saw or heard a special ministering song performed.) Luckily, Naima does minister over 100 times per year, and you can find out those dates on her website. Naima has a wonderful and powerful testimony on her website.

Go. Purchase The Deeper Project. It’s beautiful, heartfelt and will enrich your life immensely!

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