Rap Duo Shows Promising Future

Set Apart Thumbnail Hard hitting and real are the first words that come to mind when listening to Set-Apart‘s self titled debut album. Right from the start, there is no hiding or dancing around what Set-Apart’s duo represents: the truth. Starting from calling out Christians that live a double life, also stating having been one, Rae Cordova delivers heartfelt lyrics in ‘Moving Forward.’ It doesn’t stop there, Marcelo, equally as powerful in delivery, spits out rhymes that call others to live a life without shame, for the glory of God.

Marcelo, a rapper, paired with Rae Cordova make a strong duo from L.O.W. Records. Coming from New Jersey and North Carolina, this duo has a powerful message to deliver. There’s a definite vision and purpose to each track, and all are well produced. There are elements of Mary Mary, Flame, LeCrae, Da Truth, throughout this lengthy EP. ‘No Shame,’ and ‘Moving Forward,’  are definitely the choice tracks on “Set-Apart.”

The strengths from Marcelo and Rae both are in rapping. While Rae has the potential for good tone and some power in her singing, some of the songs are diminished by the harmonic choices in melody and harmony. However, I feel that she will develop into a much stronger singer later in her career with some training.

This duo is one to keep your eye on in the future. They have a good strong and clear message, their hearts are in the right place, and are filled with potential!

Download their EP from Noistrade here: http://noisetrade.com/lowrecords/set-apart

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