Bryan the Giant Brings Fresh Air to Contemporary Christian Music

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In a sea of predominantly worship music, Bryan the Giant, seems to weave together the forgotten art of telling stories through song that encourage and strengthen faith in his new release, A Lonely Freedom, alongside a few praise and worship tunes. This is definitely by design and not accident. Essentially, this guides the listener through the eyes of someone else’s walk and faith. These songs paint a picture that not only tells of how flawed we are as humans, but of the overwhelming grace of God.

A Lonely Freedom begins with the original song “Tell God I’m Alive,” a heart wrenching tune that intimates the perceived distance between God and man. The album then dives into a heartfelt rendition of “Jesus Paid It All.” From there, the tracks are wrenchingly good. “Noise,” “Talking to Ghosts,” “Scarlet Fade,” the entire offering is just purely human. The songs hearken back to the time when Third Day, Switchfoot and PFR were writing music that spoke about our existence and walking out faith. There’s a definite alternative vibe to the album that is neither too past, but essentially present.

There’s not a lot of information about Bryan, but he is a worship leader somewhere in New England and ran a GoFundMe Campaign that reached it’s goal in 9 days and exceeded it by 2,000. What’s even more astounding is that Bryan turned off the donations after reaching more than enough. If that isn’t a testimony to integrity, I don’t know what is.

Should you purchase A Lonely Freedom? Yes. Absolutely. Is it a ‘worship’ album? Not really, but it is definitely Christian. If rock music, acoustic strumming, drums and soaring riffs aren’t really your ‘thing’ you might want to pass, but I would encourage you to pick up this album and truly listen to the message in songs like “Scarlet Fade” and “Noise.”

You can purchase this album here and here.

You can find out more about Bryan the Giant here.

This album was released on July 22nd, 2016.

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