“Come and See” a Folk Inspired EP from Down Under

Cover art for Damascus Road EP Come and See

From the lower left side of the expanse of the Pacific Ocean, Damascus Road delivers an exuberant four song EP of praise and worship steeped in folk music and delightful harmonies. Come and See is filled with guitars, mandolin, and awash with walls of sound that invoke the listener to Come and See what Damascus Road is doing.

The first song, “Come and See,” is the most prevalent folk influenced song. “Overcome” starts out small and grows into pounding waves of sound that wash over the listener with beauty and ease. Reaching into the art of six part harmony, “Longed for Day” embraces harmony richly. Rounding out into “Hold On,” this EP is rich with snippets of familiar scripture put together in an easily understandable fashion, this 20 plus minutes enraptures and engages the listener.

Damascus Road is based in Newcastle, Austraila and has one previous EP available on their band camp page. Go visit their website, purchase their EP here, and Come and See what Damascus Road has to offer!

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