Nostalgic Debut Resurrects Forgotten Genre

Sarah Galimore - Let Go Album Cover


Classical piano, strings, delicately picked guitar, and the smoothly beautiful vocals from Sarah Galimore grace the peaceful debut Let Go. Set firmly within the musical stylings of a genre once known as easy listening, Let Go, is a sumptuous feast of instruments expertly woven together in a landscape that is reminiscent of an inspirational movie score. This is a full length album, boasting an impressive 12 tracks that blend from track to track.

Beginning with “What a Creator,” Sarah’s vocals remind the listener of singers like Anne Murray, and Amy Grant’s early albums. Let Go picks up a bit with the island inspired track “Here I Am.” The tracks tend to blend into each other, like a soft water colored painting, perfectly painting a peacefully soft pastel background for listening and thinking upon the lyrics.

There’s a definite nostalgic feeling to the style and feel of Let Go. It reminds me of sitting in a well cleaned parlor of a deacon’s wife, waiting for bible study to start, tea cups and tiny scones. It’s a warm feeling, not an unwelcome feeling, just surprising and somewhat exciting to hear someone resurrecting easy listening in 2016.

This would be a great album to purchase for someone who loves Anne Murray, Amy Grant, The Osmonds, Crystal Gayle, Judy Collins, and Helen Reddy. Or would be great to play in a nursery for infants, as there are only soft notes and never too stirring a beat, and beautifully sung songs.

Released in January of 2016, it is available through CDBaby, and briefly on noisetrade. An independent artist, you can find her Facebook page here. You can also visit Sarah Galimore’s website for more information.

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