Pure Heart Poured into Outstanding EP

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Are you Searching for a band that sounds a bit like The Lumineers, has a touch of laid-back Mumford and Sons, throws in a few heys, likes to mix it up with hip hop, and is definitely Christian? Look no further! This short, but worthwhile EP by Pure Reliance is one you’ll want to include on your spotify playlist.

Searching begins with the whimsical instrumental “Bike Ride.” A fun ride clocking in at two minutes and six seconds, it sounds exactly like the theme music for every neighborhood roll around the block on two spoked wheels! Dipping into the book of Ecclesiastes with “All is Vanity” and then a jaunt through “In Need of a Savior” and “Warm Embrace” defines Pure Reliance as an acoustic based ensemble.

The final track on this EP is worth taking note and purchasing the entire EP. “One” is not only timely, but features the artist Living Testimony. “One” is a call for the body to come together and love each other in spite of our differences. There is a chorus that sounds like many people in a large room singing together as one, as well as some great hip hop beats overlaid on top with an outstanding verse by Living Testimony. Not only does “One” spell out a beautiful message, it is a beautiful blending of two genres to make something not only wonderful to listen to, but to share as well.

Pick this album up. It’s a good one to have.

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One thought on “Pure Heart Poured into Outstanding EP

  • August 6, 2016 at 10:19 pm

    Well put! The song “one” is definitely a hit because of it’s innovative style and mix, and obviously powerful and clever lyrics!


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