Redemption Tree Powers Through EP

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Soaring guitars, rich baritone vocals, melodies that reach into the heavens, dramatic ballads, these are few things to expect when listening to Redemption Tree‘s three song self titled EP. There is a tight groove and live band feel to this EP, with Jeff Atkins able to show power and range with his dulcet baritone vocals. Kelly Moore, Jeff Bost, Robert Deschene, Jason Lecroy and Matt Johnson round out this six piece band from Gadsden, AL.

There’s a definite classic rock feel to the power ballad “Something to Believe In.” The expansive melody harkens to the late 80’s early 90’s when singers we lauded for their range, and songs were expected to be dramatically powerful. “Feels Like Home” is equally rangy and melodramatic, while “Bigger Than Me” edges closer into the realm of Matt Redman and classic Passion albums. With an outstanding voice like Jeff’s, there seems to be quite a bit pitch correction that feels unnecessary, but that’s a personal taste, not anything that will completely detract the listener from these tunes.

Should you get Redemption Tree? Yes, if you long for Jesus focused power ballads. Three bucks won’t break the bank, they pour the money back into their ministry of playing for youth groups, Celebrate Recovery, church festivals, and they promote themselves as a non profit band. Good things to support!

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