Emotive Indie Release Proclaims Gospel: In Light of it All

Stephen Marti album cover - In Light of it All

God is doing something in the Pacific Northwest and the proof is in this release by Stephen Marti; In Light of It All. Beautifully produced, elegant, earthy and heartfelt, this collection of five songs is a testament to God’s glory, grace and love. Stephen’s voice, lyrical direction, and musicality lends to an easy and beautiful listen. Not once does he stray from where hope, faith, and love are placed, Stephen writes and sings the gospel.

Stephen Marti begins In Light of It All with “Great Things.” With the emotive beckoning of old hymns, this song stirs the strings of the heart with a retelling of the gospel. The waltz feel and inner lyrical rhymes will invoke deep thought on the gospel. “Boast” places focus not on what we have done, but on all the glory of God and Jesus. The stirring indie rock feel, honeyed guitars, and rhythmic guitars bring an excitement that is contagious. Moving into “We Have Not Seen / Glory” with harmonics and a balance that sounds like twinkling stars hung in the heavens, this song hints at what we have yet to see. Rounding out this set is “This is Love” and “Jesus I Wait.”

Never dipping too low in tempo, or staying within one set of sounds of instrumentation, each song is it’s own individual, but yet a brother to each other. Beautifully composed, sung with heart, lush production, and lyrical excellence make a welcome addition to any worship collection. Do not miss this gem of an EP, In Light of It All.

Noistrade: http://noisetrade.com/stephenmarti/in-light-of-it-all

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephenmartimusic/

Webpage: http://www.stephenmarti.com/


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