Pastor Finds Time to Put Together an Album in Addition to Everything Else

Steve W Young's Album cover for I Found You There

It seems like a pastor is always busy with about a thousand things, but will surprise you with something. In the case of pastor Steve W Young from Canyon Lake, TX, in addition to pastoring a church, decided to put together a good sounding praise and worship album titled I Found You There. Venturing into soft rock territory, with a sprinkling of funk and soul, Steve has crafted an engaging group of songs with the help of a software program. The songs are fun with good melodies and easy to learn lyrics.

The arrangements are put together well with strings, guitars, drums, piano, among other instruments. Steve’s voice sounds pleasant and sincere with delivery. Of the ten songs on the album, “You Are Mighty” is a fun exploration of some light funk, and melodies that bring a smile to the face. “His Mercy” is reminiscent of some folk songs from years past, Anne Murray, John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, and even Cat Stevens fans would be happy with this song. Steve Young has a guest female vocalist on the track “How Wonderful You Are,” who delivers a pleasant performance. A light country track, “Your Love Has Lifted Me” is an easy going rambling number. Throughout this collection, there are some transitions between the instruments that feel a bit clunky, probably due to the limitations of the software Steve uses, however, the fundamentals of the arrangements and songwriting, in my opinion, are enough to over look and enjoy this group of ten songs.

Highlights on the album: “Your Love Has Lifted Me,” “You Are Mighty,” and “There You Are.”

You can listen to his album on his website!



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