Introspective Moody Folk EP for Post Millenialism

Oren Ambielli The First Crow EP album cover

Moody, neo folk tunes dominate Oren Ambielli‘s release The First Crow. The relaxed musical approach reminds one of rolling mountain sides, misty forests, and a quiet loneliness that sparks an inward journey towards the divine. Lyrically, the words are filled with a meditative intelligence that encourages repeat listens.

The First Crow‘s six tunes are paced well, beginning with Oren singing gently of the faithfulness of God in “Whisper.” Layered exquisitely with brushed drums, picked guitars and thought provoking guitars, the instruments give perfect placement for Oren’s vocals.  “I Do Not Deserve You” is reverent in tone and beautifully paced with melancholy cello. “Let Me Say Goodbye” picks up a bit in tempo, adding some warmth to The First Crow. The sentiment is beyond saying goodbye to a loved one, it’s a release and letting go that marks this track. Oren flies right back into the coolness with “Poor Man’s Son” and ends out on a warm note with “Jonah.”

This EP will make any one person, who is deep into folk, introspection and an intellectual journey with God, very happy. Beautifully composed, woven together with warmth and truth, this is something that should end up on a pair of headphones for a rainy day, or alone time.

Oren Ambielli resides in Knoxville, TN.




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