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Album Cover for Tom Golly - Not Going Back
There’s no laughing when it comes to the EP Not Going Back by Tom Golly. Crossing the lines between worship and contemporary Christian music, Tom Golly weaves a rock tinged album with rich baritone vocals that are filled with conviction and hint at post grunge music. Recently leaving a promising comedic career and taking a hard left turn into music, this could possibly be an excellent decision, if this is the kind of music Tom’s going to be making. God’s got something in store to rock the church with Tom Golly behind the mic.

Sounding a bit like Matt Redman, only with richer tone, Tom Golly’s songs remind us who we are and of God’s love. Beginning with “Ocean (Nautical Miracle),” sprinklings of bells, guitars and strings sound like an open ocean with waves crashing in spectacular beauty. From there, Tom takes us on a journey, asking questions as to whether the old me is gone in “Not Going Back.” He then encourages the listener to “Let Your Heart Be Found” in a series of riffs and pounding drums. “I Am You Are” is closer to a worship song, declaring who God is. A cover of Blessid Union of Souls “I Believe” fits in nicely with the other songs on this EP. “Lead me” is a nice reprieve from the rocking tracks, starting off with acoustic guitar and then building into a wonderful finish, with Tom’s vocals emotionally tugging at heart strings, almost into melodramatic territory, but never quite stepping over that boundary. “Come Home” finishes out the album with a dramatic flourish, an excellent song that reminds us that there’s a home that we belong to that is not here. It’s gorgeous and ethereal in nature.

Tom currently resides in Nashville, TN with his wife.

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