Dwell in the Tender Beauty of Worship

Dwell's self titled album cover

Setting the Psalms and various passages from the Bible to music can be challenging, due to finding a rhythm, meter, or format that is familiar to the American or western ear. What Ingunn Jennings, Eric Sirianni, Kevin Saurman and Dave Jennings have done is not only fuse the psalms with neo folk instrumentation, but have delivered familiar passages in a beautiful and harmonious series of tunes that are pleasant to the ear. If you are a fan of the Lumineers, John Mark McMillan, All Sons and Daughters, you will be a fan of Dwell and their self titled album.

Never pompous or over gregarious, the music is predominately acoustic in nature, naturally building and rising as it suits the songs. Ingunn and Eric’s voices are perfect for Dwell, filled with tenderness and sincerity.  “Sing Praise” is a great opener for the Dwell, as it sets the overall tone for what to expect in the following songs. “You Will Never Leave” is a beautiful artist’s rendering of Deuteronomy 31:8. With guitar and judicious use of reverb, Ingunn’s voice echoes like an angel over delicate guitar picking. “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ” employs a mysterious quality through a minor key. Never sounding too melancholy, this song perfectly gets the balance between seriousness and the spiritual aspect within the scripture Romans 13:11-14.

This is an excellent album. Perfect for ambient worship, personal meditative worship, or create a peaceful environment, this album is a must have. Beautiful, heartfelt, grounded in the word of God, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t like Dwell.

Dwell is located in Souderton, PA.


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dwellworshipmusic

noise trade: http://www.noisetrade.com/dwell/single

bandcamp: https://dwellworship.bandcamp.com

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