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Austin Stanley's album cover for Search for More

The moment that you hear Austin Stanley‘s voice, you might think that the picture of a clean faced man who looks like he might have been born in Mayberry isn’t the actual face of this voice. Deep, rich, and haunting like that of Johnny Cash or John Mark McMillan, Austin’s vocals are emotive and remind us of an era that is still near. Not only is his voice perfect for telling stories, the lyrics in his recent release Search for More, are intelligent and honest.

Search for More begins with some of the most beautifully descriptive poetry I’ve heard in a while. Lines like

‘did I hear you say something to me,
it was getting hard to hear above the rumble of the sea
the sound waves crashing on the shore where the selfish ears reside
and listen to the crooked songs of a world that whispers lies’

make this ep worth multiple listens. Richer each time, and deep with lyrical skill with melodies that are like bluesy lullabies, Search for More is everything you want from an Americana artist who is unashamed of his Christian faith.

The lyrical quality stays at a high level throughout this EP, the musicality is equally high, even through the rocker “Soul Blooms.” If you’re looking for something to add to your collection that has that Americana flare and influenced by another era, pick this up, it’s excellent in all aspects.

Austin Stanley is from Nashville, TN





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