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Album cover for Tanya Godsey's Love Lines The Last Horizon


There’s a battle going on. This battle is waging in music, with CCM being pushed down and largely dismissed as a bogus genre in the Church, due to the promotion of artists who were promoting their selves as Christians, while their music was not necessarily Christian. (This is a discussion for another time.) When done right, CCM is filled with encouragement, positive messages that point towards Christ, and edifying to the soul. Tanya Godsey is doing it right. Her album, Love Lines the Last Horizon, is exactly everything that CCM should be, and what we lost over the last few decades. Filled with songs that are inspired by scriptures like Psalm 130, 1 Corinthians 13, and other well known passages, Love Lines the Last Horizon makes for a satisfying listen.

In this release, the fifth from Tanya, it includes pianos, strings, warm synth pads, and the richly emotive vocals of Tanya, all which dance across a horizon of sound and warmth that is like listening to the waves of the sun as it rises in early morning. Songs like “Foundation” embodies this concept entirely. Warmly declaring a foundation in God. “We Are Your Song” is a pop infused track that moves along like the sound track to a busy street. “Worth the War” is a fantastic song that declares that love is worth the war, a very necessary song that is current and timeless.

While Love Lines the Last Horizon is beautifully produced and an excellent listen, someday, I’d like to hear a producer put out a release without so much vocal processing. Tanya Godsey’s voice is excellent without all the pitch correction. Go dig up some of her live versions of her songs on noisetrade and youtube, you’ll hear exactly what I’m talking about. Something gets lost with all of that processing, a bit of conviction, or as they say in the business, ‘feel.’ Still, don’t let that deter you from getting this album. It’s well written, filled with memorable songs, and melodic elements that satisfy the hungry ear.

If other Christian artists are bold enough to pour their heart and their love for Christ into albums like this, the musical landscape for Christians would be richer. Keep making music Tanya, this comes from a beautiful heart.

Love Lines the Last Horizon is released the end of this month.

Tanya Godsey is originally from Ennis, TX, but currently resides in Murfreesboro, TN.



noisetrade: http://noisetrade.com/tanyagodsey/noisetrade-sampler

website: http://www.tanyagodsey.com/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tanyagodseymusic/

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