Breaking Bread in the Midst of a City

Bread We break album cover Come Morning EP

From the frosty northern area of the North American continent, a small group of dedicated young adults are putting out music to reflect the heart of worship in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Bread We Break is a unique ministry with an effort to unite the denominations through the one thing that makes Christian denominations Christian, and that is through Christ. The seven individuals are from seven different churches in their area and are uniting the body of Christ through simple gatherings that are aimed at a younger demographic. Rooted and grounded in the word of God, Bread We Break’s aim and ministry is to pray for their city and to see lives changed. As an extension of that ministry, Come Morning EP release is an outstanding addition to a greater ministry.

Come Morning EP‘s songs are well written, well produced, in a style that does not push the boundaries of what worship is or meant to be, but their ministry does. If you are familiar with Bethel Music, Hillsong, and Jesus Culture, these songs will fit right in with those worship sets. What is phenomenal, is the willingness of these people to bring together people of different backgrounds in different churches as one. Anyone who has a desire to see the same in their city, should examine their ministry and pray for the same in their city.

Pick up this album, support their ministry, good stuff is happening.

Written & Recorded by Bread We Break
Engineered & Mixed by Elessar Thiessen
Mixed & Mastered by Jordan Jackiew




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