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stephen tafoya calmer of the seas album cover for new release

Contemporary worship music has a new addition to it’s list! Merging the Mumford and Sons indie sound with tinkling piano riffs, jangling mandolins, and open caverns awash with reverberations, Stephen Tafoya‘s EP, Calmer of the Seas, is just what you would expect from a project produced by Ed and Scott Cash. Stephen’s debut EP is short but has some great songs that will fit into a worship set at a church quite easily. This comes as no surprise, when you learn that Stephen’s been leading worship since he was 13.

Calmer of the Seas kicks off with ‘Come to the Water,’ an invitation to worship song. Filled with crashes and splashes that mimic the crashing of waves, it’s a great opening to the rest of the EP. ‘Calmer of the Seas’ also has an open water feel, mixed with classical elements that remind the listener of moving across an open sea. Stephen’s voice soars above the waves of sound in great ease. ‘All Things New’ drifts away from the ocean theme, but sticks with excellent production and plenty of hooks to keep the listener engaged, in addition to a well written song. The album finishes out with ‘No Other Love,’ given a blues grassy feel, and waltzes into a great ending.

In addition to the production, enough can’t be said for Stephen Tafoya’s writing. Intelligent, clearly points to Jesus, there is a strong connection between writer and relationship with Jesus. These are excellent for worship. The production of the Cash team makes this EP feel current and fit into the ‘now’ sound of worship. It’s the writing that will make this EP stand the test of time.

Yep. Get it. It’s what you need.

Stephen Tafoya resides in Prescott, AZ.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/calmer-of-the-seas-ep/id1155595627

twitter: https://twitter.com/tafoyamusic

Website: http://www.stephentafoyamusic.com/

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