Submit Your Christmas Albums for Review!

Christmas Submissions Album Release Meme

Starting after the American Holiday, Thanksgiving, we will be putting out a listening list of Christian music! This will be albums past and present, new and old, fun and worshipful!

If you want to be included in the list, you can!

Your album MUST be a Christmas themed album.

There Must be a Christian theme to your album as well.

Jesus, the manger, the Christmas story, all that has to be in your album somewhere.

It can be any genre of music.

Oh yes, yes it can. If you have an EDM Christmas album, we want to hear it!

Send a link to where we can hear your album in it’s entirety.

Could be dropbox, a private link on a private server, soundcloud, etc.

Send who you are, when your album was recorded and a bit about yourself to:

Put ***CHRISTMAS ALBUM REVIEW*** in the title of your email.

We look forward to hearing what you have and sharing it with the world!


Tell us why you like it!

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