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Ciara Grace Carter album cover for The Lord's


Like a sweet simple perfume, Ciara’s voice drifts through her new album The Lord’s. This collection of twelve songs is the first full length album from Ciara Grace. A nice mix of jazz, rock, make this a fusion that is firmly rooted in pop. Ciara’s vocal delivery is similar to a jazz tinged Amy Grant, or a contemporary Christian version of Debbie Gibson, a strong youthful and innocent quality to the character of her voice with a sprinkle of soul.

Ten songs are penned by Ciara, with an acoustic version of the album’s opener and a delightful cover of the classic hymn, “Be Thou My Vision.” All of the songs hold a personal note for Ciara, being derived from a session of personal introspection into her faith. The Lord’s begins and ends with the song “Freedom.” This song flies like a sparrow on a breeze, with airy soprano vocals and heartfelt harmonic vocals, especially in the acoustic version. Lyrically, “Freedom” explores the freeness in following Jesus. “Masterpiece” follows the same theme, delving into the value of her personal worth in Christ. “Burn Away” has a very contemporary feel, an openness and depth that is common in Hillsongs and Bethel’s releases in the past few years. “Be Thou My Vision” is a wonderful exploration of this classic hymn, and like Chris Tomlin’s version of “Amazing Grace,” Ciara Grace has added a section that adds a bit of depth to this hymn that causes thought and pause on the richness of the original lyrics. Rounding out the album are “The Lord’s,” “Glorious Matrimony,” “Jesus’ Lullaby,” “Yahweh,” “Generations,” “Places,” and “Rescue.”

This is a good starter album for Ciara Grace. It show scope, potential, heart and aptitude for developing music that is God honoring. It’s pleasant to listen to, there are some gems on this album that rise above the rest. The definite highlights are “Freedom (Acoustic),” “Burn Away,” “Be Thou My Vision,” and “Masterpiece.”

Ciara Grace is based in Illinois.
The Lord’s is released through Boat Rocker Records.




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