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Operation Faith Album Cover for Walk in the Way


Really good gospel in the vein of Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, and Al Green needs specific ingredients. There needs to be conviction in the singers, the instruments need to blend together, there needs to be excellence from every player, and of course the blending of funk, soul, jazz, and good old testimony. Excellent gospel takes care for attention to every detail, and blends it into pure praise that encourages the listener to sing, dance, and nod their head in agreement. Operation Faith featuring Pastor Harold Johnson has done just that in their latest offering, Walk in the Way (ft. Pastor Harold Johnson).

“Walk in the Way” blends harmonious background singers, juicy organ, some delicious synths, solid drums, smooth bass lines, all mixed together in tasty clarity. Pastor Johnson’s soulful vocals deliver conviction in a way that encourages the listener to walk in the way of the Lord.

Operation Faith features Pastor Harold T. Johnson Sr., (a native of San Antonio, Texas, Providence Theological Seminary graduate, founder of Praise Assembly Christian Church in Inglewood, CA, and currently affiliated with Liz McComb Global Music Ministry), on a handful of releases. The composer and producer of Operation Faith is David Crawford. David Crawford has produced and arranged for Vesta, Chuck Cissel, Sylvers, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, Mary J Blige, Bobby Womack, among several others. Previous releases with Pastor Harold Johnson include “Saved by the King,” “No Other Rock,” and “Persevere.” All which are worth your time and deserving of a spot on your permanent playlist.

It is imperative that you support and share the good stuff going on with Operation Faith.

Please do not be deterred by the humble websites and quality of social media usage. These men put their effort into the music and the way it sounds. If half the musicians out there focused more on their music rather than how awesome their website looked or how many followers they had on social media, we’d have grade A quality praise and worship music like this being produced on a massive scale.

Operation Faith, keep on keepin’ on, we need more amazing praise and worship like this.





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