Gospels Get Epic Film Score via South Africa

Numinous cover for their ep The Cinematic Gospels

In what sounds like what could be the score for an epic movie or a series of trailers for film, Numinous (Johannesburg, South Africa), is creating a blend of electronic and cinema in the midst of chaos and creating beauty from a score that is breathtaking and stirring all at once. As if one was standing on the precipice of an apocalyptic landscape and a beam of light pierces through the dismal view, providing a beam of hope, that is what The Cinematic Gospels EP orchestrates.

Opening with “The Olivet Discourse,” the voice of this husband and wife duo creates a very human and fragile element amidst pulsing and eerie synths. It’s such an interesting choice to create such a forlorn and for boding atmosphere to describe, musically, a world of sin, and ultimately the return of Christ. Piano and voice give light and such a dark contrast to the underlying track, with strings providing a yearning of hope. Next up is the synth heavy “Before Our Eyes.” This track has elements of classic 1980’s post apocalyptic film scores, and once again enters into an veil of beauty and light with the use of soft vocals and piano riffs. This is meant to be a musical interpretation of the transfiguration of the Christ as told in the book of Mark. “A Promise” meanders melodically through the thoughts of Simeon as he meets the promised Messaih. While interesting, it does not hold attention as it should. However, the plucking and sparse arrangement is interesting. Similar attention to arrangement is made in “To Be Loved.” This is a beautiful and wonderful imagining of John’s pursuit and choice to follow Christ. It is the most accessible track, relatable, and the vocals convincingly draw the listener into contemplation and deep thought. The album ends with an instrumental journey through the gospels titled “Pilgrims Progress.”

The Cinematic Gospels by Numinous (South Africa) is a fantastic listen for the adventurous ear. Without knowledge of where and when some of the songs take place in scripture, the listener can get lost, however there is still excellent merit within the production and creativity in bringing the gospel in a cinematic scope in five songs.

Numinous has released several singles and albums, be sure not to confuse them with the band based out of Brooklyn, NY, that’s a band with a completely different genre and focus.

We recommend anything by this husband and wife duo. Very electronic driven and good stuff.

iTunes tends to mix every band with the name Numinous together, we suggest that you pick up there stuff from Noisetrade and donate whatever you feel necessary to keep them making music!

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