Jon Guerra’s Working Demos II

Album cover for Jon Guerra's Working Demos II

In the vein of Rich Mullins and Sulfjan Stevens, Jon Guerra is slowly, but steadily releasing music that is richly rooted in relationship with Christ and stunning in a soundscape that is akin to artists like Sigur Ros, Owl City, and Imogen Heap. Jon Guerra is surely setting up a canvas for an album release in the coming year. Previous to his last formal release, Little Songs, a teaser titled ‘Working Demos’ was quietly available on noisetrade. Here again, we have a Working Demos II.

These five songs are a peek into what is possibly going to be another fantastic album. From the catchy rhythmic jangle of “No Strings Attached” to the deeply personal and moving “Would You Take it From Me,” Jon Guerra lays bare his soul and convictions in heart wrenching beauty. Jon also shows his musical influences and tastes across these five songs, evidenced by the slow burning rocker of “The Cure” and the electronically tinged “All Yours.”

If you’re familiar with his past albums and work, you are going to be excited by these five songs and anxious for the release of his next full length album.

Go download Working Demos II. You will be blessed.



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