The Servant Hits Hard with Real Hip Hop

Antoine Paden's album cover for The Servant

Great rap reflects and speaks to the minds and hearts of people who live in a real world and experience real events and real suffering. This is the heart of when people say ‘keepin it real.’ Antoine Paden is not only keeping it real, but is also speaking truth from not just the perspective of one who’s in the middle of it, but one who has been redeemed and sees from the perspective of a renewed mind in Christ. The Servant does not just dance and spar with current events, Antoine takes hard life head on and speaks life into difficult circumstances.

Excellently produced by JR Beatz, The Servant is easy to listen and nod your head. Current sounding tracks with shades of trap, electro pop ambient, and chill, give support to some excellent worsdsmithing by Antoine Paden. Seven tracks fill this short album. Each track is rooted and grounded in the identity of Christ with emphasis on being positive through rough times. The encouraging “Blessed” and “Kingdom Citizen” are definitely tracks that you’ll want to put on and sing along with during your morning preparations of getting ready for the day. If you’re a person that sets up a morning wake up playlist, add either of these songs to it. “Fever” is drenched in political awareness and a call to wake up and make changes. Many of these songs on this album is about spiritual oppression that many people face, especially that which is current in our culture now. It’s sobering to listen to. The Servant ends with “God Been Good,” appropriately, because if we pay attention, even in the small things and the biggest thing, God has been good.

Well done, conviction bleeds throughout the album, and it’s definitely worth your time to pick this up.

Antoine Paden resides in Greenville, South Carolina

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