We Have Launched an Exciting Addition to Solid Ground Reviews!

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With a new year comes new and exciting things!

We’ve pulled back on reviewing some music to focus on getting ready to launch our program! This program is a one hour long music focused show that highlights what the artists are doing.

Let me explain how this is not just exciting for new projects, but projects that have a bit of time behind them. We’re sharing music that has been recorded recently, previously, in the way back with the Revelation Rewind segment, and sharing some scriptures in the midst of it!

Sometimes, you just have to hear how good a song is to really get into it and that’s exactly what we’re doing!

We’re choosing avenues that are open to music that is about Jesus, that is good, and stuff you wanna hear!

We’ve started our broadcast with NWCZradio.com‘s independent airwaves. While not a Christian station, they are ready to have us and we are happy to join their station to shine our light into the world!

It’s called “On Solid Ground” and hosted by Rebekah Ann Curtis.

Visit our official page for the broadcast!

We encourage you to listen every Sunday night at 5pm (PST), either via the tunein app, or right on their stream!

We don’t intend to stop there, we’re going to focus on getting syndicated in other places!

Pray for favor for our little hour long program and that it will bless others!

Tell us why you like it!

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