Conviction Turns the Heart

Album Cover for Heart Turns OVer Album by Kelsie Hendricks


True conviction comes from the heart, and you can hear it on the lips of those who truly believe deeply. Kelsie Hendricks pours out every ounce of her heart through a collection of live versions of songs she has written out of result of her relationship with Jesus Christ, and the conviction is palpable. Consisting of 10 tracks, Heart Turns Over, is a testament to the goodness of God. This collective album was successfully backed on kickstarter this past fall and released early in winter of 2016.

As with most live performances, there are imperfections throughout, but the imperfect things make the recording that much more relatable. Many albums in the 60’s and 70’s contained happy accidents, or vocals so convincing, that the power and passion overshadowed the small and insignificant. In Heart Turns Over, we have the same anomaly. The gem throughout is Kelsie’s impassioned vocals. Every word drips with heart wrenching depth and exuberance for Jesus Christ! There isn’t a note or word where you feel doubt or that she’s just singing to sing. From the opening track, “See Your Face,” as a listener, you are met with lyrics that intimate an urging to deepen relationship with Jesus. The typical backing band you find with worship teams in most modern churches is heard from track to track. Rhythmic guitar strums, airy and cosmic synth pads, delicately soaring melody lines, and the exuberant tambourine dot and urge each song forward, giving support to the message and vocal line.

The highlights of this album are “See Your Face,” “Heart Turns Over,” “I’m Overwhelmed,” and “Heaven Come.”
Kelsie is married to Tyler Hendricks and they live in Odessa, TX. They are worship leaders, writing and leading people into worship of Jesus Christ!

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