Fanning the Flame of Love


Album Cover for Brian Morykon Flame of Love EP

Brian Morykon lights a slow burning fire with Flame of Love. This EP is small, but nonetheless important. The message throughout is one of love, not the kind of sappy happy go lucky puppy love, or the lighthearted love that briefly visits and then vanishes, no, this love is the love that is proclaimed throughout the gospels. Fanned by acoustic guitars, organic percussion, and cello, Brian stirs the heart with songs of the love of God. In short, if someone had taken the gospel of John and distilled the essence into an ep of music, it would probably sound very much like Flame of Love.

The fire is ignited with “Walk Light.” This ballad slowly burns with a message of being children of God, and the love God has for His children. “Flame of Love” continues fanning the flame in a gentle manner, building to a roaring finish, awash with cellos and crashing cymbals. “Who I Am” dies down into a gentle and warmth, that allows for some deep introspection and stillness as one listens. Finally, Brian Morykon allows a glowing and subdued “Peace” to settle in on the senses. Shades of creative percussion imitate an undercurrent and glow of the embers of a fire that still burns, but is calm.

Truly, this EP is a small piece of wonder, masterfully arranged with attention to theme and detail. Brian Morykon is no stranger to releasing material, having released his debut in 2013, The Smallest Seed and also currently having released the synth infused single, “Be Kind to One Another.”

Visit Brian’s website, in which humbleness exudes from his site, sign up for his newsletter, and keep an eye on what this guy is doing, good stuff is in store.

Brian Morykon is from Charlotte, NC but currently is hanging out in Florida.

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