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Dave and Jennifer Ragan - A Live Worship Experience Overcome


In the tradition of Hillsongs, Bethel, and Ron Kenoly, Dave and Jennifer Ragan, pastors in Jackson, FL, have put out a worship album that is alive, engaging, encouraging, and very, very charismatic. In this offering, Overcome: A Live Worship Experience, Dave and Jennifer have written and delivered a series of 12 songs that flow with hints of southern gospel, contemporary worship, and pour out an engaging and heartfelt experience that has to be listened in order to be truly felt.

The Ragans have really layed out everything they are in this album, and it’s clear that they are all about worshiping and seeking the presence of God. Overcome begins with warm synths, guitar and keyboard licks that are delicate and lilt like the smoke of incense. Overcome then develops into a reading from Psalm 46, underscored with a musical bed. When Jennifer is reading the scriptures, you feel the conviction, the excitement and the fervor for God in every breath and word. It’s inspiring!

From there, a series of declaration of praise songs. Upbeat, filled with scripture, call and response, and not a wasted lyric, Dave and Jennifer have crafted songs that are meant to inspire and encourage the congregation to worship God. “This is the Day” and “You’re Still God” along with some of the others on the top half of the album provide a rousing time of worship.  After “Overcome,” the album takes a slower turn, moving into some dramatic and expressive worship. Because of the live nature of the album, audience members are heard expressing their worship in ways that will seem very foreign to someone from a conservative worship background. However, if this is something you are accustomed to, it will sound familiar. Both Dave and Jennifer intersperse some preaching and speaking in-between the songs. Overcome ends with “Here We Go,” a song sung by a children’s choir and their daughter, and lyrically pertains to having faith like a child. This is a fun and upbeat song for children!

Overall, the album is fresh, contemporary without being too slick or polished. There’s a live feel and energizing feel of worship throughout the album that really has the potential to draw the listener in to some great private worship time in their house.

If you’ve been searching for something like Ron Kenoly’s “LIft Him Up” with a more contemporary sound, or a TD Jakes worship album, this is one you will want to pick up!

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