Sabbatical Results in an Album of Worship and Praise

album Cover for Kyle Coffin's Sabbatical

So what does a pastor do when he goes on sabbatical? This is the burning question many churches ask themselves. Is sabbatical a vacation? Is it a spiritual quest in search of Jesus on the beaches of Barbados? Does the pastor just hole himself up in his house and not answer his phone? We now have an answer. Kyle D. Coffin‘s 10 week sabbatical involved reading the entire Bible in chronological order, writing and then polishing up and producing 10 songs of praise and worship! Sabbatical for this pastor involved diving into the word of God and praising Jesus. A wonderful and excellent exercise in recharging the spiritual life. As a result, a wonderful collection of songs that have groove, memorable choruses, and all produced from an app that is readily available on many phones.

Kyle’s voice is reminiscent of Randy Newman’s, friendly and warm, with welcoming emotion, and a touch of Peter Gabriel. His voice is at once warm and familiar. The songs themselves are emotive and touching. Full of theological concepts like redemption and grace, there is a strong undercurrent of intimacy and relationship with the divine that winds through each, binding them together as a unit. Whether it’s the grooving “Shake Me,” the thick harmonies in “Grace Upon Grace,” or the melodic dance of the piano in “Come Away With Me,” Sabbatical is both enchanting and truly a blessing.

If you yearn for songs that have a throwback element, think a saved Peter Gabriel or Billy Joel, then this album is definitely a must for you. Kyle D. Coffin has really outdone himself during his Sabbatical, or perhaps he just listened to God really good. Either way, download it and donate a bit to Kyle.

Kyle Coffin is the pastor of Neighborhood Church in Tuscon, AZ.

Available on Noisetrade.

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