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What does a singer songwriter who’s written over 300 songs do? Hopefully they record them and put them out there for people to enjoy! Leah J is following the call on her life, infusing the sounds of early 80’s and late 70’s groove and funk into praise worthy songs. Married with a powerful and emotive voice that edges into the smokey smooth, with the occasional growl and overall dynamic performance, Leah J does pull off a bit of The Impossible, showing not only vocal prowess but also excellent song writing. This album is full of theologically sound songs, not surprising from an ordained minister in the Church of the Brethren, and tons of groove.

Citing Michael W Smith, Rich Mullins and Sara Groves among her influences, there is also a deep love for blues, jazz, and some funk, alongside her love for God. The title track, “The Impossible,” is a fun upbeat track that showcases Leah J as a vocalist as well as some deep groove and a peek into her relationship with God. “Victory” is another song that wades deeply into the blues and baptizes with washes of funky organ, chunky piano riffs, and redeems with great background singers chiming in appropriately. “Deeper” is punctuated with friendly saxophone and bouncy congas, while Leah J hits some high notes! The Impossible ends with “You Are Good.” A lovely ballad that could be on a Twila Paris album.

This album was released late in December of 2016 and has one holiday inspired song, the rest of the album is for any time of the year. This is a well put together album, tons of groove, a bit of a throwback feel, but excellence abounds in this release! Pick up Leah J’s The Impossible if you want to get into the groove with God!

Leah J resides in Mechanicsburg, PA, is a worship minister, and active in her local MENSA chapter!

The Impossible was released on House Rat Records record label.



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