City Bridge Worship is Under Cover with New Releases

Album Cover for City Bridge Worship Live in Studio


City Bridge Worship has been busy since their [last release]. They’ve been making videos, writing more songs, and building up a catalogue of songs and performances that show their heart and what they are about. Their latest release, Live in Studio, proves that they are not just a band that writes well, but also a performing band.

The two songs that are released, “To Give a King” and “My Cover” are what you would expect from CBW. The first one, “To Give a King,” is a really good worship song. Strong imagery and melodies that stick with you after a few listens. “My Cover” is a ska inspired, slow rocker that delves into the old testament for inspiration for the chorus. It’s an interesting and fun jam that grows on you after a while.

Go check out and keep tabs on CBW, they keep building, keep producing, and keep pushing themselves and challenging themselves musically and lyrically.

Go peruse their youtube channel, follow their Facebook, and Twitter.

Good stuff is happening!


Download some of their music from Noisetrade

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