Soulful Honey Holds on Strong

Album Cover for Katie Lee's Hold On Strong

Soulful honey is what someone should dub Katie Lee‘s vocals. A new range of emotion comes through her newest release, Hold on Strong. Between the dulcet tones of Katie’s vocals, the strumming of guitar or piano keys supporting, Katie’s voice and message is front and center of her album. A markedly different direction lyrically, Hold on Strong has a strong central theme of faith in Christ, where her previous albums were filled with songs of love and loss. While the previous records were good, there’s an honest and purity that really shines through the delivery of Hold on Strong.

From the beginning, “Hold on Strong” grabs ahold and delivers a powerful message found in holding strong to faith. Katie’s voice is agile as she sweeps across melodic phrases with ease, delivering a sweetness to faith. “Who You Truly Are” is a beautiful message of finding who we are in God’s eyes. “Refine Me” is a gentle waltz, subtle with band and orchestral elements. “Here ft Adam Turley” and “He Lives” are also memorable additions to this album. A total of eight tracks, Hold on Strong is brief but carries a hopeful message, easy to listen, and worthy of a few spins.

If you are looking for something similar to early Amy Grant and a bit of Sara Bareilles with faith based lyrics, this is the album for you!

Katie Lee currently resides in South Jordan, Utah.


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