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God’s people are diverse, unique, and each one of us is created with different talents, gifts and perspectives. With that in mind, there should be more variety and diversity within the music that is released from within the universal church. Thank God that Lucy Grimble is not only utilizing her giftings and perspective, but also willing to put out music that is a step in a different direction from the norm. While Created to Worship is not a far departure from contemporary worship music soundscape, there is a definitive difference in her selection of melodies, arrangements, and lyrics from the norm. This album does not dive into the slowcore draggy worship songs that tend to focus more on us than God, rather the focus is fully on the divine and who God is, with a healthy view of who we are and our place in relationship with God.

Incorporating tinges of R&B, soul, a bit of celtic melodies and the exploration of the middle east feel on the final song, Made to Worship is sophisticated without ever losing the simplicity of getting to the heart of worship. “Atmospheres” opens with an upbeat invitation for intimate worship. Lucy’s vocals are welcoming and delightful to listen to, without showing extravagance in her ability, she ushers in an ease for the listener to sing along. “Heaven” paints a picture that echoes images from Revelation, while creating a sense of expansive space with some heavy reverb and delay on guitars, thunderous drums, and elegantly place synth riffs and piano. At times, Lucy Grimble’s voice is reminiscent of Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger.

Halfway through, with “Lord of My Life,” Created to Worship takes on a slower pace of more thoughtful inner reflection, truly utilizing a slow build into a triumphant finish before falling into a slower pace that takes over the next four songs, “Time for Revelation,” “Just Like You,” and “Fragile Frame.” Created to Worship picks back up with “Heartbeats,” (previously heard on Lucy’s 2015 Hearbeats release), and finishes out with the middle eastern inspired “Undivided.”

From top to bottom, Created to Worship is a solid album. Firmly rooted in the word of God, with a clear focus on worship, this is a must have for any person who is interested in expanding their collection of worship music, or looking for something a bit deeper than just the standard simple worship fare. Lucy Grimble has really poured her heart out with excellence and beauty with a formidable strength. With songs like “Overcomer” and “Created to Worship” that sink into the conscience, the danceable beats, and the lyrical content are encouraging and help to set a tone that carries with the listener long after the second, third and fourth listen.

You will not be able to find this album until April 18th, 2017.

Lucky for you, you may pre-order it on iTunes on March 16th!

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Lucy Grimble is located in London, UK and has released several different singles and Eps that will keep you busy until April.

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