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What does a former country music recording artist do when they enter the ministry? If you are Mary James, you make country music that is pure gospel! Mary’s beginnings in music started with a classically trained voice and pursuing a career in country music. After working on her craft of songwriting in the secular arena, Mary’s world was transformed after she gave her life to Christ. Mary began serving as worship leader at The Rock Church in Sand Diego, in other churches, retreats, etc. She then turned her efforts to songwriting again, but this time with focus on Jesus Christ being the center of her writing. Mary has put out seven CDs of original, country music infused, contemporary Christian Music. Her efforts have not gone unrecognized, garnering 2016 Inspirational Country Music Video of the Year, SGN Scoops’ Female Vocalist of the Year, etc. Not surprising since her voice is at times, reminiscent of Faith Hill or Martina McBride’s softer side. The latest album, Overflow, does not disappoint and is beautifully written. Executing some rich and vocals with emotional depth, Mary James puts together words and ideas that are familiar with melodies that are easy on the ears.

Overflow is indeed overflowing with several songs, arriving in at just under an hour in length. Songs like “Take Up Your Cross,” “Song of Victory,” and “Worthy of My All” keep the tempo up, making it perfect for the cd holder in the car for in town driving around or other daytime tasks. This is not an album you will be able to fall asleep while listening. Each song on this album has themes of freedom, surrendering to God, and the love between God and His creation. There’s a wonderful rendition of “Lion and the Lamb,” and a beautiful song that sums up the entire album, “Overflow” is wonderful, with great imagery, and good melody to match.

There’s a lot going on in Overflow and we highly recommend this album if you love contemporary country music or soft rock, and desire to have an album that is drenched in songs that glorify God.

Mary James is not only a singer, but a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her hometown is San Diego, and you can catch up with what she is doing on her website!



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