All Creation Groans with Scripture References

The Windtalkers cover for their pre release of All Creation Groans


If you walked along the ocean genre of Indie Pop, you would find the most excellent waves of surf and sand in the upcoming release All Creation Groans from husband and wife duo Benny and Ashley Permuy known as The Windtalkers. Marrying the sounds and textures of retro beach in a delicate balance with the current folky goodness found in bands like the Lumineres, All Sons and Daughters, The Head and the Heart, Gungor and others, The Windtalkers have created an album that reflects their heart for worship and hunger for continued relationship with Jesus Christ. Recorded live in their home church, The Windtalkers deliver an EP filled with songs that reflect scripture truthfully in a mix of indie pop, surf, and a touch of blues.

All Creation Groans begins with the title track. Waves splash and crash over the ears of the listeners as Ashley’s soft and delicate harmonies mingle with Benny’s sincere vocals. Soft rock beats and spacious atmosphere infiltrate “Don’t Hesitate” as Benny sings of anxious anticipation in waiting for Jesus. The mix is absolutely divinely inspired, and needs to be heard on earbuds or headphones. “Come! Let Us Walk” is a bouncy indie pop that is worthy of any indie surf album. The message is one of searching for Jesus, but so well recorded and lyrically excellent, it’s one that could be on repeat for few hours and not grow tired of hearing. “Draw Me to You” is a ballad that is fully intended to help one draw closer to God. The next track, “Wheat & Tares” features Ashley’s vocals with a groovy bluesy base. The grittiness of the underlying music with the sweetness of Ashley’s delicate notes, paints a vivid picture of what the difference between wheat and tares. The guitar solo is colored with a great amount of emotion and adds to the weight of the track. “Far Side” again features Ashley vocals in a delicate ballad that draws from Psalms 139, Song Solomon 8, and other compatible scriptures. All Creation Groans finishes out with a triumphant splash with “Heaven Song.” There’s a celtic influence to the melody, and inspiration drawn from Revelation for the lyrical content.

Awash with beautiful landscapes and textures, you will not be able to fully appreciate all seven songs of this EP until their formal release date, May 30th, 2017. However, before the May 30th release of All Creation Groans, Benny and Ashley are giving us a sneak peak with “Draw Me to You” and “Wheat & Tares.”

Pssst. Get these two songs to tide you over and exercise some patience until the full record comes out, cuz you are going to want this one.

Benny and Ashley reside in Port St Lucie, Florida and perform with various musicians.

Pre-Release teaser is available on Noisetrade
The Windtalkers cover for their pre release of All Creation Groans










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