Journey Through Red Sea Road

Album cover for Ellie Holcomb Red Sea Road

Redemption, recovery and restoration are themes that run along Red Sea Road, the newest release from Ellie Holcomb. Ellie’s sound of pop filled folk country is solidified as she takes us along for the journey. Punctuated with slide guitars, bouncy rhythms, waltzing through passages of hope, and Holcomb’s husky timbre perfectly invokes an earthiness that brings familiarity and relate ability throughout this long play record. You may be familiar with at least one song from a previous release, “The Broken Beautiful” off of As Sure as the Sun, that gets spun on some terrestrial Christian radio stations. In this new record, there’s a deeper intimacy with her lyrics, as she explores redemption.

Focusing upon the relationship of fallen man and the grace of a compassionate and forgiving God, Red Sea Road begins with the memorable “Find You Here.” Each song builds upon the overarching motif, with the faithfulness of God in “He Will,” “Red Sea Road,” and “You are Loved.” Driving in the theme of redemption “God of All Comfort,” “Wonderfully Made,” “I Will Never Be the Same,” and “Rescue” pull together pieces of brokenness into a journey that ends in the only way that it could be, with Jesus. “Man of Sorrows” sums up the entire album in just over five minutes that covers the redeeming power of Jesus, and the redemption of mankind.

Red Sea Road walks down a powerful message that will encourage any believer, especially those who are walking through or need recovery. Truly, all of us are broken and in need of redemption, and this album makes that journey. It’s a journey I’ve listened to several times and will again. Make that journey with Ellie Holcomb as she sings about our savior in Red Sea Road.

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