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For those outside of the Chicago, Il area, you may be remiss to have not heard of Atmosphere of Heaven. Their first release, Atmosphere of Heaven, Vol. 1, is a power packed, gospel infused, passionate release. Filled with contemporary riffs, singable refrains, deep grooves, and thunderous drums, AOH’s first release is a complete praise and worship album. Song after song reflects excellence in execution, delivery and in foundational truths. That album was released in 2012, the question is, does their follow up album, Atmosphere of Heaven, Vol. 2, follow with the same passion, the same attention to detail, the same proclamation of devotion to God? You’ll have to first listen to Volume 1 and follow up with Volume 2 to truly determine for yourself, but we’ll give Volume 2 a fair review as a standalone album.

Volume 2 touts itself as a live album, with songs led by Jon Jones, Dee Wilson, Jessica Love, Just Steve, Joey Merichko, Miriam Bates, and Tiffany Hines. If there is any post production with vocals, it is minimal to non existent. Each of the singers sings with passion and with a great amount of skill. Along with a talented group of instrumentalists, this assorted collection of worship leaders and artists forges into some of the more contemporary worship sounds found in Bethel, Hillsongs, Crowder, and Passion. Some of the more synthy and pentatonic folk based melodies dominate the record, as heard on the songs “Love Sick,” “Yahweh,” and “Yes of Heaven.”

Volume 2 opens up with “Run to You,” as thunderous drums and proclamations of God as a strong tower. “We Have the Victory” has a folky country undercurrent to it, similar to those found in Crowder’s first releases. The album slows down in considerable tempo with “Abounding in Grace.” This song takes a while to get to the first chorus, and while it tends to drag, the worship does kick in about halfway through, and the message of grace shines through to the finish. Picking back up with some danceable worship, the album finishes out with “Belong to You.” All in all, it’s a good mix of blending the soul and gospel genres and sounds with the contemporary worship vibes.

This album is scripturally sound, and good for having in your deck of your car, unless it’s late at night and you end up on “Abounding in Grace,” that one is suitable for a playlist at home and meditative worship.

Atmosphere of Heaven is a group of worship leaders, artists, spoken word artists, poets, and other worship art leaders with diverse backgrounds that are working together to create and reproduce the atmosphere of heaven on earth. AOH is located in the greater Chicago, IL area.

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