Hello, Again

album cover for Shaun Doyle's EP Hello Again


A mixture of folk instruments combined with classical sounding melodies and lyrics akin to artists like Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, and Iron & Wine, Shaun Doyle has been carefully crafting songs and his sound since his first album release in 2016. Hello, Again, is a short, five song EP in comparison to his first recording, which boasts a lengthy 18 songs. This is an excellent introduction to Shaun Doyle and gives a wonderful collection of songs that really allow a listener to get an earful of what Shaun’s music is about, before immersing themselves into that initial album.

On the pure soundscape of this EP, it’s lush and complex, marrying layers of vocals, instruments and rarely heard chord progressions outside of the indie folk scene. Not truly jazz, but more classical in approach, there are elements that hint at an older era, yet sound familiar and current. The lyrics speak of a relationship with Christ while working out what faith looks like on a personal level. “Communion” is the highlight of this EP, the piano begins with a chord progression that brings up a mix of feelings, from reverence and awe and yet feeling familial with a humble undertone. It’s truly a gem. “Heaven is a Place” also invokes some divine vocal work that lay the theme and sounds for the rest of the EP. Top to bottom, this is something that needs to be heard to truly appreciated, with headphones.

If you find yourself enjoying Hello, Again, you’ll also enjoy his first album All His Days.

We approve, get it.

Shaun Doyle is from Roanoake, VA.

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