The Giver Drifts Through An Ambient Fog

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Contemporary worship continues down an ambient vein with Hannah Holloway‘s new release, titled The Giver. Hannah has a testimony of overcoming anxiety and addiction through Jesus Christ. She speaks at treatment centers, bringing a message of hope, healing and redemption. Part of her ministry is the ambient Christian worship album The Giver. The ambient nature adds layers of relaxing meditative music with simple lyrics and melodies that drift in and out of the fog of echoing guitars, pianos and synthesizers. At times, a bit vague, there’s enough mention of Jesus with a few passages that paint a clear picture before wandering back into the fog that gives The Giver worth a few listens.

Most of the songs lean towards a lot of repetition and at a fairly slow pace, with more emphasis on anointing rather than the word of God. Some might be ok with this, but for those who are looking for some spiritual depth, you may want to find another EP. The slow pace can be tiresome, especially with the repetition. The two songs that Hannah shows some good lyric work on are “Precious Blood” and the mid tempo “All The Things.” Vocally, Hannah’s voice is sweet, but does rely upon some artificial pitch correction (which sounds like it could have been fixed with a few retakes instead of slapping auto tune on it), which is very noticeable in the slower passages. However, she does sound sincere in her delivery, and the two final songs are definitely worth your time and show that Hannah does have promise in writing songs in the future.

The Giver was produced by Evan Sieling in Nashville, TN, with Lara Landon, Evan Sieling and Chase Belcher adding their talents to the tracks.

Hannah Holloway is located in Greenville (Whether it’s NC, SC, or TX, we don’t know.)

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