There’s No Mess with this Miracle

album cover for Forrest Wakeman's Messes to Miracles

What sort of record do you expect from a Christian who has a doctorate in piano and composition, has toured with some national broadway productions and has a heart for God? You get an album that borders on the anthemic with a deep classical foundation, rooted in sound theology. This does not sound like the symphonic ensembles of a stuffy classical snob, nor does it sound aged or dated. This is a fresh and timeless sounding soft rock record written, performed and composed by Forrest Wakeman. Messes to Miracles employs some really good female vocal performances that bring to life soaring ballads, reminiscent of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s productions, as well as Forrest’s excellent piano work and earthy vocals on several upbeat and rocking tunes.

Messes to Miracles starts on a journey with the song “Alive in Us.” A proclamation of what Christ has done for us, that sets the stage for the rest of the album. There’s excitement that builds, the dynamics are excellent! Seriously, everyone should take a note from Mr. Wakeman how to arrange a song and to build dynamics. This man has talent and knowledge that needs to be shared with every Christian worship leader. Each song on this album is a lesson in how to compose and arrange. The lyrics are scriptural, and the melodies are inspired, coupled with a depth of knowledge, that makes for a pretty good album. There are at least three songs on this album that need to be sung as specials in church. Those would be “Sing Over Me,” “Be Still,” and “As Far as the Curse is Found.” They are all beautifully sung, but the compositions themselves carry enough emotion to make even the most technical singer sound like they are into the song.

The beauty of the underlying compositions is what ultimately makes this record. How do we describe Messes to Miracles? Anthemic. Tons of heart. Glorifies Jesus. It’s like someone took all the best songs from a musical about Jesus and put them in an album. It’s super good, and there’s so much good on it, it’s hard to tell you about it here. You just have to hear it.

Do you like Andrew Lloyd Weber? Do you want songs that are about Jesus?

Well, stop saying yes and go get this album.

Download it now.


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