The Hope of Glory

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When you think of drummers, you think of a person with a couple of sticks who hits things. They count to 4, sometimes just three and on occasion, 6 (or two counts of three in 6/8 time)*. Besides counting and banging on things, drummers can be exceptionally talented musically. Some drummers that come to mind are Karen Carpenter, Dave Grohl, Phil Collins, Micky Dolenz, and Sheila E. Let’s add another to that list, Brandon Estelle. Having been a member of Superchick, hit some drums for people like Kelly Clarkson, you would expect nothing less than a stellar release from someone who’s been a high level professional musician. This record is upbeat, uplifting, sets wind in your sails, and engages the heart in worship! Brandon Estelle’s rock tinged The Hope of Glory is no disappointment.

The Hope of Glory boasts nine mid and up tempo songs that are worship oriented. Mixing rock elements, electronic elements, and driving guitar riffs, Brandon sings with a voice that is akin to Chris Tomlin’s. Songs like “Be Glad” and “The Hope of Glory” have an anthemic bent, rife with pop sensibilities. “How Great You Are” is a new twist to a classic hymn that could be easily worked into worship sets. The Hope of Glory ends with “I Pray.” This song has a sax solo that tickles ears, and eases the listener into a merging of sounds that is neither soul nor smooth jazz or even rock, but sounds like a pastel lined cloud floating in a sapphire sky. It’s chill to the ear. The entire album is over too soon in a short 37 minutes, but carries well for a second and third listen.

If you are a fan of Superchick and not a fan of the drummer, or just wrote him off as a side note, you are mistaken, this guy has a heart for God and a passion for music. Lucky for you, he has three other albums you can delve into!

Should you? Yes. Cuz it’s pretty good and stuff.

Brandon Estelle lives in Kansas City, MO with his wife and four beautiful children.


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*Yes we know there are other time signatures out there, like 5/4, 7/8, 9/16, 2/4, 1/2, and the dreaded 12/8. We didn’t want to write an article about the ways someone can count music and order it… Just be happy we mentioned 6/8 😉



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