Children of Light

In a dreamy soundscape, surrounded by clouds of pastel colors floating in an ethereal open field that is reminiscent of super mellow Mumford and Sons mixed with a lazy summer dream, David R. Burleson takes us on a journey in his album Children of Light. The sounds are folky, effervescent, and gentle on the senses. Drenched with echoes and distant synths, an otherwise minimalist record becomes a vast tapestry of color and beauty.

Wandering through topics like the goodness of God, uniting the Church, Children of Light presents songs that have a good foundation in the word of God. Many of the songs hint at older hymns, some that are familiar to those steeped in the songs written a hundred years or more ago, but with modern update to the language. Even some of the melodies follow a familiar melody of yore, which makes this record warm and welcoming. While the songwriting is solid, there is a bit of pitch correction on the vocals on some of the songs, which if it’s intentional to get a particular sound, it’s a bit overdone, and if it’s not intentional, it’s too much. David has a friendly timbre and range, and at times is like a slide guitar, easily gliding between notes that is noticeably detracted from by the pitch correction.

Of the songs on Children of Light, “Wake Me from this Dead Man’s Sleep,” “You Will Prevail,” “Death Will Reign No More,” and “Children of Light” are the definite standouts. There’s no need to dismiss the rest of the album, as it flows well thematically and in soundscape. Opening with thick harmonies in “Our God is Love,” and and ending with the deeply hymn inspired “One in the Blood.”

If you are into older David Crowder Band, Mumford and Sons, Rivers and Robots, and the like, you will appreciate and fall in love with Children of Light by David R. Burleson.

David resides in Orlando, FL, serving as a worship minister at Summit Church’s Waterford Campus.



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