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Sometimes, there’s a journey that needs to happen in order to write music that reflects the heart of God. Sometimes, that journey takes a person from Florence, SC to American Idol, to England, to Turkey, and then into the arms of the person Jesus has for them. Drakeford is the husband wife duo that spans two continents, two incredibly talented singer songwriters with a heart and a passion for Jesus and spreading the gospel. Drakeford and Lucy Jayne have found a unique perspective that is reminiscent of Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, but retains a deep love for Jesus Christ in their new album Anchors Aweigh.

Warm and melodious tones from strummed guitars melting with strings and the friendly vocals of Drakeford and his wife Lucy, stream forth from the first track “Driftwood.” Like smoothed over pieces of wood found on a shoreline, this invokes feelings of longing. “Never Leave or Forsake Us” sounds like it could be a Christian version of a Jason Mraz track, rapid fire vocal delivery with a touch of reggae sensibilities with catchy melodies and excellently crafted lyrics, this is definitely a standout on this album. The band As Isaac makes an appearance on the title track “Anchors Aweigh.” This song is deeply set in the folky goodness that As Isaac is known for. Drakeford then dives into a bit of soul and jazz with “Nothing LIke.” The easy groove and laid-back mellowness is a touch of Buble, a sprinkle of neo jazz, and pure pop sensibilities. While this song could easily transfer to a pop song of someone’s love for another person, it could also be sung to God. For some people, this can be a turnoff, but the song is well crafted, Drakeford have made it abundantly clear that they are for Jesus on the entire album, and we’re ok with that!

Another artist that’s makes an appearance on Anchors Aweigh is DJ&Marv on the track “Our Love.” This upbeat, catchy track is married well with the rap of DJ&Marv. “Ruins” makes an appearance on this album, if you are familiar with some of their past releases, this song should be recognizable. A beautiful comparison of a life in pieces to ancient ruins and the restoration we have in Christ is artfully crafted and rife with beautiful imagery.

This album is solid, not a meandering melody, nor a line that does not point to which Drakeford has to say. The acoustic sounds, soul infused rhythms, and lyrical excellence married to the ultimate relationship with Christ makes a wonderful album.

Should you?

The answer is obviously, yes!

If you like Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran’s acoustic side, and a touch of soul and a sprinkle of jazz, you’ll love this album.

Drakeford reside in Chattanooga, TN.

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