Bryan Guardado Presents Miracle


Take a dose of acoustic guitars, light soulful vocals from Bryan Guardado of Pasadena,CA, add a touch of jazz, a mixture of memorable melodies, add a bunch of Jesus and you have a recipe for this Miracle. Bryan Guardado mixes in some wonderful waltzes, ballads and some mid tempo tunes on this record. The vibe is chill and super relaxing, invoking that southern California coastal driving feel.

Most of the songs wind through different aspects of God’s love, and the love that is expressed in return. One of the most tender and revealing song is “Heaven to You.” This song is probably expresses, very simply, the love that God has for us. “Praise You My God,” is a joyful expression of worship, heavily relying on that peaceful vibe. “Tomorrow” expresses with a slight jazz feel, the peace found in God. “Lifeline” incorporates a spoken word breakdown towards the end of the track that adds a welcome texture and fun surprise to the feel of the album.

Miracle is a short, but enjoyable album. Bryan Guardado never lingers too long in any song, or overplays with long solos and vocal gymnastics. Bryan exercises wise judgement and lets the songwriting and simple playing stand for themselves. Miracle stands on it’s own as a complete and welcome package to the acoustic connoisseur. A bit of soul, a bit of acoustical blues and jazz sprinkled in, make this a small Miracle for your collection.



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