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For some, the jump from writing songs about strange portals opening up at an English countryside dance to then quoting the journey of ancient Semitic nomads, would be a strange path indeed. What began as a duo, penning some obscura ditties to now a trio that is focused on the imagery and source material of kings, seers, and backwoods prophets among others. For this trio, Brett, Justin and Misty, known as The Sowing Season, their newest release The Fox & Sparrow, is definitely indie in tone. The meeting of various strummed and plucked instruments, melodies that hearken to another era, a bit of the electronic thrown in for good measure, and carefully crafted lyrics will delight anyone who is a fan of Noah and the Whale, Bon Iver, Beirut, Sufjan Stevens, etc, and wants more Sufjan and less Iver incorporated into the lyrics.

The Fox & Sparrow is a short but satisfying EP, with five tracks. Beginning with the song “Empty,” The Sowing Season takes us (the listener), through a journey alongside Mary, Moses, Miriam, and other sojourners, as they face faith, eventually baptizing the listener “Down By The River”. The songs are not only well written with a catchy and memorable sensibility, but also with care for keeping the integrity of the original stories. For both, a person with and those without faith, there is excellent merit here.

Should you?

If you like Sufjan Stevens, this is an absolute must have.

The Sowing Season resides in Chicago, IL and Allensville, KY.

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