08-23-17 Jesus & Jams

Today’s Scripture passage is Romans 8:1-39

Today we are asking the question, “Why do you worship God?”

Is it out of tradition?

Do you worship God because you feel better after you worship?

Let’s suggest another reason for worship, because God is worthy to be worshiped!

It is easier to worship if we recognize that God is worthy of worship. God does not demand that we worship Him, but that if we are to worship Him, to recognize that He alone is worthy.

In today’s world, we have a theme that runs through many circles of society, and that is to reward every good and positive thing that people do. To the extreme, this would be giving a trophy for every accolade. In some youth sports and youth organizations, you see many kids getting participation trophies. Or someone gets praise poured on them for a mediocre job to encourage them in that activity.

There is nothing wrong with praise when it’s appropriately earned. When it’s not earned, it cheapens true praise for those that receive it. It would be ridiculous to give a 5th grade science fair project a Nobel prize, and to do so would cheapen the work of people like Einstein, Marie Curie, and 911 other laureates. Praise should not easily roll off our tongues and in giving awards unless they’re earned.

This is why when God says, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me,” it’s because there are no other gods with which to compare. All others are imitations and impostors.

In Revelation 5:1-7, the only one who is worthy is the lamb slain, being Jesus Christ! If nothing else, there is no other reason to praise the one who is worthy because of the sacrifice He has given in order for us to be redeemed!

Let us praise God going forth because of one reason alone, He is worthy!


We have paired today’s scripture with Redemption City Church‘s All The Saints

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