Pyramid Park Hits Home With Vulnerability


If you haven’t heard of Pete McAllen, it is time to get acquainted with his new artist collective Pyramid Park. Lush, vibrant, mysterious, immersive, lustrous, do not even begin to describe vulnerability. At times a throw back to 80’s and 90’s British pop nu wave, mixed with elements of Delirious? and shades of Pink Floyd, vulnerability is both retrograde and current, making for a forward sound. The soundscapes created are floating ethereal clouds between grooving riffs and beats that swell and wane amongst introspective lyrics.

Pete McAllen is no stranger to performing, having spent some time performing around Europe and the UK, creating and sharing music that is meant to encourage the listener into a deeper relationship with God. With this project, vulnerability, Pete’s focus is steeped in honesty of relationship with God. Pairing with alternative artist and producer Iain Hutchison, vulnerability not only pops, but is at it’s core, seated in vulnerability.

vulnerabilty is meant to be listened to from beginning to end, rising and falling with an opening that plunges the listener into a sea of sound with “The Unexplained.” Following up with the grooving and memorable “Born to Be Brave” that will have you singing along after the first refrain. Then songs like “Lead Me,” “Vulnerability,” and “Hills” slowly roll into worship, in an entrancing and mysterious sounding “Mesmerized.” vulnerability picks back up in tempo with “Fall on Me.” The pacing of this record is brilliant, in a methodical and plotted course that entices the listener into worship, into complete abandon, and ending with an encouragement of listening to “The Voice.”

Now for the question: should you?

Look, you need this album, especially if you miss Delirious?. If you listen to the opening track on youtube and you really like that, you are going to love this album. 100%.

You can pre-order it on Amazon and iTunes, as you will have to wait until September 8th to get this album, but it’s so worth it.

Pete McAllen is from Cambridge.

Click on the image below to download vulnerability by Pyramid Park



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