08-31-17 Jesus & Jams

Today’s scripture is Psalm 15

Verse two of this Psalm mentions speaking truth in the heart. Today, we hear the word’s ‘my truth’ over and over again, but what does this mean? If something is true, doesn’t it mean it’s true for everyone? How do we reconcile ‘our truth’ with God’s truth?

While people may experience things differently and have different emotional responses to an event, it does not mean that the event did not happen. We hear about different events in history, like the persecution of the Jews during World War Two, and different people will have different reactions to the event, and some will even deny that many people lost their lives due to the extreme persecution, but the truth and the evidence do not lie that this took place. It would ridiculous for us to walk around saying, “well my truth of the holocaust”, or “my truth of 911”, or “my truth of my aunt’s birthday”, or “my truth is that love conquers all”. If it’s true, it doesn’t matter who believes the truth, the truth just is. If we claim truth to be ours, it is no longer God’s, but we are in essence claiming ourselves to be God.

Today, let’s think about who God says He is in His word, and the truth He declares.


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