09-04-17 Jesus & Jams

Today’s scripture is Deuteronomy 32:4

In 1763 a preacher by the name of Augustus Toplady was traveling through a gorge in Burrington Combe after preaching in the village Blagdon, England. Looking to find shelter, he found a gap amongst a large rock jutting from the ground. As he waited for the storm to passe, he wrote down the first words that would eventually become the lyrics to the well known hymn, “Rock of Ages.”

Even in the midst of a violent storm, Augustus sought refuge and found it, inspiring a hymn! How many times in the midst of even a tiny tempest or storm do we look for the negative instead of glorifying God for even the small things!

We can do small things for the people in Houston, even if it’s a tiny bit, to help them find comfort in the midst of the aftermath of a huge storm! Click Here

We have paired today’s scripture with Jonah Backus’ single Somewhere Safe

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