09-07-17 Jesus & Jams

Today’s scripture reading is John 10:22-33

Imagine yourself going to see a doctor for a physical or a checkup. When they enter the room, instead of expecting them to figure out what’s wrong, you begin interrogating them. You need to have proof that they have been to medical school, they provide it. You need to have proof that they have cured other people, they provide that too. You want to know if they’ve won awards, and they have, and there’s proof. Now imagine that you are still unsure, in fact, it doesn’t matter how much this doctor shows you, you aren’t going to believe that they truly are a doctor and a good one at that.

Jesus at this point in his earthly life had fulfilled many scriptures that told of the coming Messiah, people being healed, the dead coming to life, blind people seeing again, amongst many others, when a group came to Jesus and demanded that He plainly tell them, because they doubted.

In verse 30, Jesus declares to the people questioning Him that He is indeed the Christ, by stating that He is one with the Father.

Jesus also points out that if they believed in the truth of the scriptures, He would not have to ‘prove’ Himself to them.

Sometimes, I think we desperately want the people who don’t believe in Jesus to believe in Him that we get frustrated when they choose not to believe. We can either respond with anger, which in turn would anger them, or we can respond in truth and love. There is one door to a relationship with God and that door is Jesus Christ. Either you believe and pass through, or you are left outside.


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