09-25-17 Jesus & Jams

Today’s scripture is Acts 17:22-31


Paul journeyed to Athens, a city that had shrines and altars for different gods, including one to an unknown god. The people living in Athens were not only tolerant, but accepting of other people’s religions and beliefs, and afraid that they might be missing God himself by having an altar to the ‘unknown god.’

Do you think the way our culture in America is, is similar or different to the way that Athens approached beliefs?

Did Paul insist that they burn down the altars? Did Paul shame them for having so many altars?

How did Paul use their understanding of God to approach them about Jesus?

How can we learn from Paul how to approach others to talk about Jesus?


We have paired today’s scripture with The Brilliance‘s song Breathe from The Road Recordings.


Tell us why you like it!

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